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  • Developer: YouTube
  • Genre: Music & Audio
  • Version: Varies with device
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Official information

Release Date November 12, 2015
Developer YouTube
Publisher Google LLC
Genre Music & Audio
Language English, Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian
System Android, iOS
Version Varies with device


YouTube Music

Some basic things need periodical reinvention. YouTube has undergone such a reinvention when it became, in fact, a music hosting, with content for listening, not for watching. First, it was unofficial, with fans uploading audios with a pic added to make it a video formally. But for now, it’s authorized. YouTube Music is here, for you to listen.

The powers of YouTube and Google Music are now combined. Music videos are accompanied by audio releases available for streaming from the host. YouTube Music app features a built-in search system that also helps with creating playlists.

Google offers a lot of specific features logical to expect from this corporation:

  • Recommendations. Based on the music you mark in your preferences, the service offers you something it thinks you may like (or rather what others like along with your choice).

  • Search system. You can enter just a fragment of the name or even quote the lyrics, and chances are YouTube AI finds it for you.

  • Both video- and audio-oriented service. If you want your music visible (say, you stream it to your TV from mobile device), that’s OK. You get perfect musical background for whatever you do. Just as well it is with audio mode (if you use your headphones or wireless acoustics). In the free account, you need to keep the screen alive for music to play.

From all variety of videos published for now, YouTube Music selects those marked as “music” by any means (with related tags too). That is, you can enjoy a great lot of music, official and not-so-official. Artists signed up to Google can publish their releases in audio as well as official videos. But bootlegs are not banned, so you can find rarities, like rare remixes, live performances, old versions of hits that have been remastered in re-releases or just excluded. All this content has been sorted (instead of removing it for copyright violation, that would make sense but no interest), interlinked, and prepared for presentation.

You can enrich your favorites list by taking YouTube’s advice. The service offers what you might like too. And, with all the power of Google that has made it ad king, don’t get surprised when it suggests music so right that it seems to read your mind.

YouTube Music review is incomplete without its content review. Along with My Station section, there are genre stations collecting the best up-to-date hits in different styles, like rock, metal, hip-hop, reggae, country, techno, ambient, world music, and so on. You can adjust the way it selects music with a three-position slider. The left position means that the selection is very precautious, and it mostly offers you tracks from artists you already like (or have marked as your favorites). The middle one means that the station is bolder in suggesting something new to you, from the genre you have already been into. And moving the slider to the right means that the selection offered by algorithms may venture somewhere completely out of your preferences. If you feel venturous today, come on, get in.

Is Video a Must?

There is an audio-only mode, and it makes sense because it saves your bandwidth. Still, in free mode it needs your screen kept alive. But the algorithms will account the mode. So the service will rather offer you an audio release version of the song than that featured in the music video if it contains breaks and pauses (like Madonna’s “Music” or Michael Jackson’s “Black or White”).

Playback quality is not for audiophiles, to be honest. With decent acoustics, you will easily tell YouTube stream from an Audio CD or lossless files like FLAC or APE you can code that CD into. But it’s quite good for playing in the background while you’re doing your things some yards away.


Premium subscription brings some important improvements:

  • No ads. It’s a good reason in itself.

  • Background playing. The music won’t stop as your screen goes off.

  • Offline Mixtape mode. You can cache your favorite pieces to listen to them offline.

We must notice that YouTube Music hasn’t been launched worldwide yet. It’s available in 22 countries (as for 2018), they are mostly North-American and European, including also Brazil, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea. Alas, the limitation can’t be overridden by just finding YouTube Music download as an APK file elsewhere: your Google account is still bound to your country. Yet users from other countries can purchase YouTube Premium subscription that brings similar features (and Google Music along with it).



You should certainly prefer YouTube Music to iTunes, Pandora, or Spotify, if you mostly play music via your Smart TV. The service can turn your TV into your own adjustable music video channel, or into a radio if you wish.

Subscription is a must if you want YouTube Music as your personal radio. Otherwise (and if you don’t mind ads) free account will do. It’s a perfect option if you’re not obsessed about sound quality and put it under rare exclusive content and easy access.

To cut a long story short, now you can use YouTube for listening to the music officially.



  • Not available worldwide
  • Can’t cache videos or audio for offline playback (unless you use Offline Mixtape)
  • Needs your screen on unless you have Premium subscription


  • Largest music collection
  • Audio-only mode to spare your data plan
  • Playlists and single tracks playing
  • Various mixing and compiling options
  • Decent playback quality (though not CD lossless)
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