About Us

About us

Imagine the smart app which can recommend you audio tracks you will definitely like and help you navigate in the music universe of past and present. Just specify your preferences first, and then you don’t need to do anything except enjoy. Discover new songs to adore and listen to the tracklists compiled with your favorites with no ads and interruptions.

The app providing a kind of musical magic already exists. It is YouTube Music: for both listening audios and watching video clips. This streaming service from YouTube Music becomes your indispensable guide to the world of high-quality sound and video thanks to:

  • personalized recommendations;

  • new releases;

  • lists of similar musicians songs,

  • artist radio;

  • live performances;

  • huge catalog of remixes;

  • music videos and album covers.

Everything is well-organized and personalized to your liking in the YouTube Music app. Our team is crazy about the opportunity of unearthing both new and old music with YouTube Music.

For example, Alice, the founder of our YouTube Music fansite, has finally found her favorite rare composition from the childhood with the help of this app. “The feeling of nostalgia overflows me when I listen to the tracklist of some old compositions compiled by YouTube Music personally for me”.

Adam, Social Media Marketer finds this app universal for every occasion in his life. “I use YouTube Music app when I need to relax after an exhausting, busy day, to do some sport, to organize a noisy party, and so on. There are so many moments to listen to good music, and YouTube Music becomes simply irreplaceable regarding this fact”.

Mark, the video editor of our YouTube Music fansite, estimates YouTube Music for the variety of exclusive high-quality music videos. “I get so much pleasure when I find some rare music videos which I’ve never seen before. These discoveries make YouTube Music so special for me”.

And why do you like YouTube Music? No doubt, you’ve got plenty of your own reasons.