Top 5 tips and tricks for YouTube music app

Top 5 tips and tricks for YouTube music app

The service definitely has lots of rivals at the market. And still, it manages to stay and keep its audience entertained. YouTube music player app is nothing like Apple Music, Spotify or Pandora. And it is still new as streaming music app but it continues to grow strong.

After some time you spend with the app, the perks get more obvious. We want to talk about five of them that you may enjoy the most. It is not all benefits, and there is a chance you already found your own top list of favorites.

Introduce the app to your favorite music by liking it

Don’t be shy about revealing your true music preferences. The AI system in YouTube Music app is not a psychic. It does not know your past or future. The program simply gathers the information on the video you watch the most and your likes. So, give the like to your favorite songs. If you used YouTube on your PC, it may sync with the account and gather information.

The best option is to watch video clips, listen to songs on YouTube, even before you install the app on your phone. And when you finally enter the app, you will already have a playlist ready for you. Be ready to hear something you liked many years ago.

Check the web player

Now you don’t need classic YouTube to listen to your favorite songs. Utilize the web player like Play Music, to strip the video from it and play only the music instead. Its interface looks a little bit familiar, like a combination of YouTube and Play Music from Google.

There is a dark theme of the pages and really simple navigation. Some of the users may wonder whether this dark theme was a challenge to Spotify. Or possibly an answer to some question we don’t know. Still, the message is clear – YouTube is ready to take the challenge.

The section named Hotlist contains tracks that were just released and are a popular choice of many other users. Spotify has almost similar offer called Discovery. YouTube encourages you to explore something completely new and stay in trend. Mobile app and web player are similar, so there is nothing extraordinary you may find at your phone’s version.

Enter the biggest library of music in the world

Sounds great, right? You may miss some nice tunes from 2008? Well, it is back thanks to the library in the app. Anything that was sent to the Music section is waiting for your ears.

It means that even DJ mixes that had to be hosted on Soundcloud or other platforms like it, are available for you in this app. Just dig for it and add to the playlist. The same goes for freestyles with no official records or labels. It was a hard work to search for them on Spotify, among numerous catalogs. Now they are all on YouTube Music.

In the nearest future, who knows, YouTube Music will make the huge change to all independent creators of music. It is easier to use this platform for their art, as it is free. And their fans can always find new soundtracks there. YouTube is the perfect place to record live music as well.  The library contains the best live concerts records.

Listen beyond playlists

One of the best youtube music tips here. There will be the time when your playlist stops. Don’t panic. Music did not end with it. The feature works like Autoplay in classic YouTube. Still, it does not repeat itself. The smart AI adds tracks and artists that are similar to the one you picked on your own in the list. It compares your preferences and sends the music you may enjoy.

Prepare to be surprised. YouTube Music seems to really learn your music tastes. The chances are high that you will love songs it recommends you. Don’t forget to put like or dislike to this music. This will complete the picture of the music you want to listen.

Search for the song title by words you remember

Sometimes it is really hard for us to remember the artist’s name or the title of the song. Many of us don’t bother with this. Later they will regret this choice of course. Especially, if the song comes up in the middle of the night and you remember just one phrase and the motive.

The app offers you to search for a phrase you remember, instead of song’s title. Usually, it is the chorus you can recall in your memory. Google recognizes it and recreates the song. The best thing is all your favorite songs from the past are now available for you. It does not matter whether the song was from the movie or you heard it in the mall.

YouTube Music app offer much more than the features mentioned above. There is tons of music that is waiting for you. All you need is headphones and free time.