YouTube Music app for PC

YouTube Music app for PC

This app is a huge storage of albums, videos, remixes, live concerts, unique records official and unofficial that quickly became one of the best music services. It provides everything we wanted from such kind of app and even more. While we still can’t call it the one and only way to listen to our favorite songs and podcasts, YouTube Music is doing everything to reach this goal.

YouTube Music desktop app has to struggle with Spotify and Slacker Radio at the market. The best option for consumers is not to ditch any of these apps. There are unique pros and cons that you may want to stick to.

Premium services. To buy or not to buy?

To extend your options, YouTube offers you paid services. Actually, there are three ways you can enjoy YouTube Music.  The first option is somewhat basic and free. It suits people who listen to music occasionally, don’t have any specific preferences or unfamiliar with YouTube and are willing to try.

Premium option, on the other hand, is $9.99 monthly paid service. It offers free of ads unlimited access to the best organized huge music library. It also has options of background listening in mobile options and offline opportunities that allows app to download music from youtube.

Premium subscription reminds us of other music apps, which have similar offers. Slacker is cheaper, with its $4 for a month. YouTube developers promise to reveal package for a family in the nearest future.

The third way is to pay $11.99 each month and buy YouTube Premium that automatically gives you an access to YouTube Music Premium, according to the deal. This way you can enjoy your favorite channels and listen to music online and offline. If you are into shows, this is a generous offer you may consider.

Find the difference: YouTube Music or Google original app

Google already has something to offer to its fans. For instance, it can be Google Play Music. Remember this guy? Well, it is a pretty decent service. YouTube officials say that subscribers of Google Play Music in other countries will be paying the same price of $9.99 each month for the services. So, it looks like both apps are going to co-exist.

You can still subscribe to Google Play Music and automatically receive access to YouTube Music Premium app. Google Play Music is similar to YouTube offer in many ways. For example, it also focuses on music recommendations and playlists. As for the differences, Google Play has a special music locker where you can upload music files. You can stream those files after that. The chance is that you may find youtube music downloader app even more convenient.

Inside the YouTube Music

The homepage of the app looks really understandable. It is divided into 4 sections: Hotlist, Home, Search and Library. Each name perfectly describes what is hidden behind it.

For example, Home gives you recommended music content for you. You may also find playlists you listened before and music you started but did not listen to the end. It saves your preferences and channels you like.

Hotlist contains the songs that in trend right now. It updates every time the something new arrives or trend changes. This is where you can find new music to listen and catch up with the rest of the world.

Library name speaks for itself. It contains the songs you liked, albums you marked as your favorite. There is a history of everything you listened and playlists you have created once.

As for the Search, this option was created to help you find the music you want to listen. The cool thing is that you don’t have to remember the title. Type the sentence you can’t get out of your mind and press on Search.

The main page is well designed, attractive and easy in navigation. YouTube Music uses the data that Google gathers on its users to find the most suitable music options for them. The app must consider your habits, your location, and your current situation. If you are in the airport or hospital it should offer you relaxing music. If you decided to go to the gym, YouTube app offers you intense music for the work-out.

Besides the youtube music desktop version, the app is available for iOS and Android. This gives you an opportunity to listen to music everywhere you go or do whatever you like enjoying music in the background. All you need to do is to download the app on your mobile device.

YouTube Music offers a lot of interesting options for users. It creates playlists you may enjoy by analyzing your previous likes. It offers you a unique library with songs gathered across the world. You may give YouTube Music a try, as it extends your opportunities as a true music lover.