YouTube Music: Everything you need to know / how to use the youtube music app

YouTube Music: Everything you need to know / how to use the youtube music app

YouTube is considered as one if the most visited video and music sites in the world. And over half of the place on YouTube belongs to music. For many of us, music is what gives us enough powers to go through our lives. It charges our batteries, and it can be crucial for us to listen to music anywhere we go.

Setting up the app

Well, the process is so easy, that even a child can handle it. Some of us already know how to use youtube music app android. All you need is go to the official app store and type the name in a search window and pick the one that you need. Download YouTube Music on your device.

One of the benefits of this app, it is tied to the bigger YouTube platform you often use. Now all you have to do is sync both of them by entering your Google account, which you probably have done a long time ago. The app knows what you like and what you hate. It keeps in its AI mind the history of your YouTube attendance.

There is a small chance that you are not familiar with YouTube or YouTube Music already. But if it is true, the app will need to know only a few things:

Whether you want a free-trial for 30 days of Premium services. Originally it costs $9.99 in a month.

Can you name your favorite artists or songs, so YouTube Music getting start to make suggestions for you? If you don’t want to name it, that is ok. The app will guide you to the most popular choices of music across the world.

  • When you’ll see Let’s go sign, tap it.

  • Pick artists you’d like to follow and tap them.

  • After you pick everyone you want to listen, tap the sign Done.

No matter if you are paid or free member, the app asks you to locate yourself. You may want to receive music based on your current location, whether it is calm classic tunes in the airport or energetic mixes at the gym. You can press Allow or Decline this option.

This is it. It is the only information that the youtube music android app needs to select the suitable compositions for you. Still, it looks like a lot. If you are cool with the knowledge that your player knows everything about you, agree on the terms and have fun listening to your favorite songs.

Searching the music in the app

Search in this app is definitely one of its best features. Google made it another masterpiece it can be really proud of. Navigation is simple and quick. All you have to do is find the search icon which is often at the top of the page, tap on it and enter the name of the song.

Search offers you:

  • To sing the lyrics you remember by taping the icon of the microphone in the top-right corner of the search bar. Sign one line of the song you are searching for and it will direct you to it.

  • Name the movie you’ve heard this song. Come on! We all know when the idea of searching for song appears in your head. Just search for “song from Mortal Combat” or any other movie of your choice. And you receive the list with songs.

  • Name the artists in collaboration and you will receive their song. Not bad, right? Just remember how hard it was to find team-up songs before youtube music for android appeared.

Playback modes and how to control them

It must be noted that playback has a slightly different in YouTube Music. On the main screen, you can see a switcher on the upper bar. It can toggle between playing just audio or video, as well. This option helps you to go back and forth between video clips and music with lyrics.

On the left from information about the track, there is an icon Info that offers you data on album and artists. On the right side is a menu 3-dot icon that can add the song to the library, start the radio station with the song or create a playlist.

As for repeat and shuffle buttons. Swipe up on the window of playback and controls will go up so you could see the thumbnail, opening queue under the playback. Repeat appears in between queue and playing video, together with Shuffle.

Adding the song to the library

To add new songs to the library is a piece of cake as an the youtube music guide in general. Press thumbs up if you like the song and it will automatically appear in the playlist Liked songs in the library. If you are not playing the song now but want to add it to the library follow these instructions:

  • Pick the icon of 3-dot menu close to the song in search results. It does not have to be a song, the list will do as well.

  • Now tap icon Add to liked Songs.

Adding an album to the library

This action is similar to adding a song. All you have to do is:

  • Pick the album you would like to add to the library.

  • Choose the Add to library sign and tap it. That is all.

Creating a playlist

There is a chance that eventually you will get tired of albums or music stations. That is when you can build your own unique playlist of youtube music for iphone and combine everything you love. The playlist that you will create through the Music app will be mirrored in YouTube account as well.

  • Tap the icon of 3 dot menu in a search result near the song you want to add

  • Press Add to playlist

  • Push the icon Create new playlist

  • Give the name

  • Select the privacy level of your choice

  • Push Create icon

In the modern world, it is almost impossible to avoid YouTube, whether you are subscribed to it or just can’t get rid of the song in your head. And while YouTube is a popular and well-known portal, its YouTube Music app is relatively new. It is all about music and your personal preferences.